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Indosys Life science Private Limited

Dr. S. H. Kulkarni, the Chairman of Indosys Lifescience Private Limited is a cellular Nutritional Therapist and deeply involved in the research for the past almost a decade. In his search to provide good health, longevity and well-being for people, he rediscovered Morinda Citrifolia plant the nature's gift to humanity.

Dr. S. H. Kulkarni is an extraordinary coach, training people on the technologies of living. In his coaching, he brings about life transformation in the way people live, the way people communicate, the way people relate with others and he also empowers people to realize their inner potentials.

Dr. S. H. Kulkarni stands tall in crowds for his extraordinary skills, profound thinking, powerful communication and his professionalized spiritual approach towards life and success.
Dr. S. H Kulkarni
He is also a master empowerer, inspirational workshop leader who has transformed lives of thousands of individuals and families. He spends his time, energy and resources in sharing his lifetime experiences of learning on different aspects of personal growth and success. Dr. S. H. Kulkarni teaches people on living a quality and healthy life by making them discover their own ability and potential. Out of his strong commitment to create healthy people to create healthy Nation, he extensively travels in creating natural health awareness programs and empowering people to be better than their best.

He strongly believes that providing knowledge to people will support them to achieve success in life and he has passion for the same. Indosys Lifescience Private Limited and his team has changed lives of thousands of ordinary people to live an extra ordinary Life. Dr. S. H. Kulkarni teaches what he practices. His coaching comes from his own personal experience of ups and downs of life and success it carries. He is a person truly known for his integrity, sincerity and personal care.

Dr. S. H. Kulkarni create a space for people to show up better than him. A truly extraordinary man has the power and the potential to sow the seed of love to transform the humanity.
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